From a humble idea in 2006 of breaking the trend in radiology of constantly increasing radiation doses, especially in CT imaging, a concept was worked out by Sapheneia to use image post-processing to enable reduction of radiation dose exposure in medical X-Ray imaging. Sapheneia´s Imaging Enhancement Products are built on the Clarity™ Solutions series, based on adaptive iterative image processing, have so far processed more than 1 Million low-dose patient-studies. Sapheneia has grown to include solutions for all medical imaging modalities including offerings to the OEM industry world-wide.

The powerful Sapheneia software delivery platform enables Sapheneia customers to achieve and maintain even better long-term value from their investments. From rapid image optimization of existing installations to dose optimization services, customers benefit from the synthesis of technology, support and solution expertise. Sapheneia Services enables clinics to derive the greatest value and performance from the Clarity solutions — in less time, with lower risk and cost.

Sapheneia is an innovative software solutions provider and developer focused on two dynamic growth markets; the “end-user” imaging market and the OEM industry.

The company's comprehensive product line for dose-reduction and image optimization market, the Clarity™ Solutions series has been implemented since 2007, when regulatory permissions in the USA and Europe were granted (FDA 510(k) and CE mark, class IIB ). The second portfolio of the products, the OEM productivity applications for the manufacturing industry offers image optimization for basically all imaging modalities. One example is in the medical ultrasound imaging industry, where handheld devices are becoming more common. Through the image optimization technology of Sapheneia these small devices can be used for advanced ultrasound diagnostic work.

Engineering breakthrough, quality and inventiveness, drives Sapheneia solutions to a leading position in the industry. Since the company was founded, Sapheneia has collaborations and offices in the USA, Sweden, China and Poland delivering its solutions to Health care providers, small business and enterprise clients worldwide through a distributor network of Value Added Resellers, distributors and OEMs as well as online through the Sapheneia website.

Our staff has unparalleled training and experience in helping clients successfully achieve the needs in dose- as well as image quality.

Sapheneia, the first company to offer low-dose solutions for all X-ray based modalities such as CT, XR and fluoroscopy, have also powerful solutions for MRI and ultrasound, see Sapheneia´s Imaging Enhancement Products.

Please discover our solutions on our web site and contact us for additional information.

Paul Stashick, currently serves as Chief Executive Officer, Scott Chomiak as Vice President of Investor Relations/Chief Operating Officer and Dr. Hans Grahn as Chief Technology Officer.

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