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About Sapheneia, Inc.

Sapheneia is a Medtech software company specializing in diagnostic and analytical image processing solutions. Sapheneia has been in operations since 2006, delivering products that enables radiation dose reduction through image quality enhancement. Sapheneia has offices in the USA and in Sweden, with development engineering focused at the Mjärdevi Science Park in Linköping, Sweden.


Sapheneia provides medical image optimization solutions to enable reduced dose while maintaining diagnostic confidence, to promote greater patient and medical staff safety, and improved cost-effectiveness of medical imaging.

Research and Development

Sapheneia is committed to expanding features and functionality of its existing technology product solutions and to developing new versions and new complementing technologies. Our development team has worked closely with University Hospitals and early adopters who drive aggressive change in the industry.

Regulatory Status

Sapheneia's quality management system is certified according to ISO 13485:2012 (Medical Devices - Quality Management System - Requirements for Regulatory Purposes) for the design, development and integration of software for diagnostic- and analytical medical imaging applications and sales thereof.

The Clarity Server received FDA clearance for immediate marketing and sales as a medical device in the United States in May, 2007. As of December 2007 the Clarity Server has also been CE marked for sales in Europe.

Special Services

Special purpose hardware implementaions are available to support the most demanding real-time image enhancement requirements. Sapheneia has extensive knowledge of DSP (Digital Signal Processing) solotions and provides custom implementation of our technology for a variety of hardware platforms.

Saphenia also provides custom imaging solutions for clinical end-users on CT and XR modalities, as well as for Fluoro ans Ultrasound modalities.

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