OEM Solutions

Sapheneia OEM Image Quality Software

Sapheneia provides the Clarity Software Development Kit (SDK) for integration directly into scanners and workstations that use Windows® or Linux® operating systems.

Clarity OEM Solutions utilize sets of adaptive filters to optimize image quality in real time.

Using Clarity OEM Solutions in your modalities gives substantial market advantages:

  • Clarity for X-Ray modalities enables lower radiation dose protocols, for improved patient and operator safety
  • Clarity provides image enhancement optimized for your particular instrumentation and applications, supporting the highest diagnostic confidence
  • Use Clarity to bring products with regulatory-approved, optimal image enhancement solutions to market more quickly and at lower cost
  • Clarity extends the applicability and lifetime of refurbished instrumentation

Special Services

Special purpose hardware implementations are available to support the most demanding real-time image enhancement requirements. Sapheneia has extensive knowledge of DSP (Digital Signal Processing) solutions and provides custom implementations of our technology for a variety of hardware environments.

Sapheneia also provides custom imaging solutions for clinical end-users on CT and XR modalities, as well as for Fluoro and Ultrasound modalities.

Contact us to learn how we build an image optimization solution to best meet your requirements.

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