Sapheneia´s Imaging Enhancement Products

Sapheneia has deployed to the medical market its Clarity Solutions platform.

Clarity Solutions post processing algorithms enable radiologists to lower radiation dose exposures during image acquisition...

Clarity Solutions deliver image optimization for greater diagnostic confidence.

Clarity Solutions are applicable to current medical modality technology and support older generation technology, extending the lifetime of existing instrumentation.

Clarity Solutions technology incorporates a worldwide network of research, radiology and cardiology experts, and image-processing scientists. Sapheneia deploys its solution through qualified Distributor Channels throughout the world.

Clarity Solutions directly address the continued medical community concerns of increased radiation exposure, to primarily pediatric and female patients and safety concerns for the clinical staff.

Clarity Solutions incorporates image-filtering techniques that are configurable based on medical modality and medical observer. Clarity Solutions utilize 3D data for the calculation of image optimization.

Clarity Solutions’ unique algorithms exploit anatomy-specific details of scale, texture, and three-dimensional morphology.