Sapheneia´s Imaging Optimization Products

The Clarity platform is an iterative software solution that incorporates post processing algorithms that reduce noise and enhances edges. The fully automatic process also adds a unique statistical structure analysis, which will trace diagnostic structures across 3D volumes. With minimized noise, structures and edges truly stand out with Clarity™ -- even at lower dose levels. Clarity brings diagnostic confidence to low-dose CT, low-field MR, DR and NM.


  • The proprietary Clarity protocol / view specific algorithm; an iterative adaptive filtering technique in image space, allowing for dose reduction, part of workflow.
  • Algorithms that exploit anatomy-specific details of scale, texture, and three-dimensional morphology.
  • 3D data for the calculation of image optimization.
  • Image-filtering techniques that are configurable based on Radiologist approval and individual workflow demands.
  • An Interface that will support both current and older generations of technology.


  • Straight-forward image optimization through an established implementation procedure - great diagnostic confidence; protocol by protocol scientists.
  • Designed around site specific image quality and workflow demands.
  • Research support drawing from a world-wide network of radiology and cardiology experts, as well as image-processing.
  • Directly address the continued medical community concerns of increased radiation exposure, to primarily pediatric and female patients and safety concerns for the clinical staff.
  • Sapheneia installs and implements its solution through qualified Distributor Channels throughout the world.