Sapheneia´s Imaging Enhancement Products

The main technology software architecture from Sapheneia resides in the Clarity Solutions platform.

The content incorporates:

  • Post processing algorithms that enable radiologists to lower radiation dose exposures during image acquisition.
  • Image optimization for greater diagnostic confidence.
  • Includes image-filtering techniques that are configurable based on medical modality and medical observer.
  • Utilize 3D data for the calculation of image optimization.
  • The unique algorithms exploit anatomy-specific details of scale, texture, and three-dimensional morphology.

The features are:

  • Supports and applicable to current medical modality technology and also support older generation technology, extending the lifetime of existing instrumentation.
  • Incorporates a worldwide network of research, radiology and cardiology experts as well as image-processing scientists. Sapheneia deploys its solution through qualified Distributor Channels throughout the world.
  • Directly address the continued medical community concerns of increased radiation exposure, to primarily pediatric and female patients and safety concerns for the clinical staff.